How to Build a House from Zero

Indeed, there are many residential complexes that offer houses with attractive designs. However, still the design of the developer is not necessarily as needed, so there are still many who choose to build houses from scratch. Building a house from zero is fairly easy, especially if you don’t have the knowledge at all. But actually, building a house from scratch will be an interesting and challenging thing because the results obtained will be far more satisfying than the uniform house built by the developer.

Well, this article informs 8 ways to build a house from scratch to give you an idea of ​​what you have to prepare and the steps that must be done if you want to build a house from scratch. With the right stages, you will more easily realize your dream home and avoid problems that are confusing and take up time and energy.

1. Search for Location

Many factors need to be considered when choosing a home location. Close to work locations or supporting infrastructure such as markets, schools and shopping centers are a consideration for families with active residents. However, for residents aged 50 years and over, the calmness and beauty of the location will be the main consideration. In addition, land allocation and investment value added factors also need to be considered. So, when choosing a location, think of all the factors that support your family’s needs and future location developments.

2. Prepare funds

When planning to build a house from scratch, at least you must have a 10% reserve fund of the total funds that will be used. This is to anticipate ‘swelling’ costs due to rising building prices as time changes. However, if you have limited funds with a lot of space needs, you can build a house in stages with the concept of a house growing.

3. Expand Insights on Architectural Style and Building Materials

After finding a location and preparing funds to build a house, you need to broaden your horizons on the latest architectural styles, building materials, and architectural trends, including how they are constructed. With broad insights, at least you have many choices, and can smartly get creative ideas to meet the construction needs of your dream home.

4. Create a List of Short, Medium and Long Term Needs

When building a home from scratch, especially for young couples, your short-term needs for your new home can be just a bedroom with supporting rooms. After some time, your home will grow as your family members increase, the need for work space at home, or perhaps the need for a library or reading room at home. That’s why you need to consider ‘growing homes’ and incorporating your family development plan into your mid-term needs list.

Just as you think about increasing the value of land investment when choosing a location, so also needs to be considered when designing a house. In the long run, your home should be able to increase in value, so that if you think about moving and selling it, your house can sell at a high price. That is why, you must choose a design that is timeless and a strong and durable material.

5. Look for references to the Dream House Model

Indeed, many offers and references to attractive and beautiful home models. However, the model of a dream house is a home that suits the needs and desires of your family. Not only the exterior appearance of the building, but every room must reflect the needs and character of each family member. The shape of the mass of the building and the spaces inside that are designed according to its function properly will create the house that you dream of.

6. Search for Architects

Reliable architects to help realize the design of your dream home design can be obtained from the references of your acquaintances, or the search results of architectural works that they have designed. Now, this search has been facilitated by the presence of various of the largest architectural and interior designer marketplace sites in Indonesia offering the best professionals online, such as

7. Search for a Contractor

The contractor plays an important role in realizing your dream home. So, be selective in choosing reliable contractors who can be trusted. Choose a contractor who has proven success. Make sure you make a detailed and clear written contract regarding the job description, material, time, costs, and sanctions if the work is not in accordance with the agreement.

8. Find Out How to Take Care

Remember to take care of IMB properly before starting construction. A problematic IMB will bring disaster to the whole process, it can even lead to major failures and losses. Make sure the maintenance line is in accordance with official regulations. Don’t take the back road or rely on the help of mischievous brokers.

So, building a house from scratch is no longer confusing. Plan all your needs, prepare yourself, entrust work to the experts, and get your dream home without any significant problems.