Reasons Why Good Home Ventilation is Important

Every building or enclosed space requires air ventilation as the movement of air in the room and the movement of air between indoor and outdoor spaces, be it homes, industries, high-rise buildings or just storage rooms or warehouses. There is also the meaning of ventilation or what is commonly called airing is the movement of air into an enclosed space which then exits after entering the closed room.

Home Ventilation

Given the position of Indonesia which is located in the equator, this makes Indonesia a tropical climate. So, of course, the condition of the area in Indonesia is sometimes hot and sometimes it rains. Therefore, many Indonesian people who have fans, especially those who have excess money, want to buy AC (Air Conditioning) to experience the hot season. We need to know that using AC

(Air Conditioning) is one aspect that stimulates and worsens the formation of global warming (global warming), on the other hand using air conditioning or fans also increases the burden of electrical energy consumption.

Meanwhile, for experts, the trigger for the room to feel hot is the lack of ventilation or air conditioning. It can also be caused by the small amount of ventilation in the room, so that the exchange of air in the room is very small or there is no exchange of air between rooms. (Also read: Benefits of Guava, Benefits of Ginger when the Flu hits)

With the presence of ventilation, the incoming air will flow throughout the room, then look for other ventilation as a place for the air to exit. So that the circulation of air in the room can be established in an orderly manner. Of course, the dimensions of the window as ventilation greatly affect. The room continues to grow until the required windows continue to grow and the number continues to increase.

On the other hand, good ventilation must meet the requirements so that we can really feel the benefits optimally. The following are the provisions of good ventilation.

The area of ​​ventilation holes is always (permanent) at least 5% of the floor area of ​​the room. In contrast, incidental ventilation holes (vents that can be opened and closed) are at least 5% of the floor area. So that the area of ​​permanent and incidental ventilation is 10% of the floor area of ​​the room.

The air that enters the house is clean air, not polluted by pollution, such as cigarette smoke, burning smoke, smoke from garbage, factory smoke, exhaust smoke, dust, and so on.

Air is attempted to flow crosswise (cross ventilation) is to place air holes that are opposite each other between the 2 chambers. This system allows air to flow from the inside to the outside and vice versa from the outside into the room without having to first settle it in the room.

The benefits of air ventilation for buildings are as follows:

1. Energy Saving

With the presence of ventilation, we will save electrical energy because we will reduce or not use air conditioners or fans, as we know electricity is a source of natural energy that takes a long time to renew. Besides that, it can also save expenses because the price of the air conditioner is quite expensive, and for the service it is also quite expensive, coupled with the electricity costs incurred are also quite expensive.

2. Reduce Indoor Humidity

Because the routine of strong air entering the room makes the room a little damp. In addition, with the presence of ventilation, so that light can easily enter the room through the ventilation holes. So that with the entry of light into the room, it can reduce let alone eliminate humidity in the house. There is also the danger of a very humid room causing the development of mold and moreover can cause damage to the house if left too long (in the long term).

3. Eliminating Residual Gases

As we know that humans when doing activities produce residual energy from combustion, for example, the smell of house cleaners, cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide (CO2), and so on. With the presence of ventilation, it will be very useful in the process of eliminating these gases and replacing them with new ones.

4. Eliminating Water Vapor

This means that when we cook, bathe, and so on in the house, the presence of ventilation will help speed up the process of losing water vapor, so that the air in the house becomes normal again.

5. Eliminates Excessive Heat in the Room

This is due to the exchange of air in the room, which means that the excess heat or heat in the room will decrease with the entry of fresh air from outside the house through the ventilation.

6. Make the Home Healthy and Comfortable

For the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization reports that the quality of indoor air is one of the main factors driving the increase in the spread of widespread disease and death in developing countries. Therefore, ventilation that meets the provisions can be one solution.

7. Beautify the Building

Not only is it useful in terms of health, the presence of ventilation also makes the building of the room beautiful and artistic. The world of make-up and furniture continues to advance for home furnishings, including windows as an incidental ventilation device creating unique materials and designs for windows. Which in fact wants to increase the aesthetic value of our homes.

8. Become an emergency door when there is a fire

When a fire occurs, all humans who are in the burned room must immediately get out of the room or building. So that the existence of ventilation is an alternative facility to produce oneself from the burned room. Moreover, in some homes provide mirror batting equipment (if the ventilation is made of mirrors) to break it when a dangerous event occurs such as fire, lapse, and so on.

9. Be a Good Citizen

This is because when we fill our buildings with ventilation so that we have taken the Minister of Health Regulation (Minister of Health Regulation) regarding the guidelines for indoor air in the house in 2011. are that every house should be equipped with ventilation, at least 10% of the floor area with the use of the system. cross ventilation